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The Local Court hears the majority of criminal and summary prosecutions in NSW and civil cases up to $100,000. Read more in About Us.

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​Important Notice about 'Scam' Emails Involving Notices to Appear

Online Services

File civil forms online and track the progress of your case via the Online Registry website.

Fines, penalty notices and infringements

Find information about:

Payment options and court levies

Going to court for a penalty notice


​Disputes with neighbours

Find information about:

Fencing problems

Noise related problems

Apprehended Violence Orders


Family, relationships and

Find information about:

Family law

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs)

Power of attorney

Enduring guardianship

Money and debt

Find information about:

Money and debt

Someone owes you money

You owe someone money

Sentencing in criminal cases

Find information about:

Paying fines and judgments

Time in custody

Appeals against Local Court decisions

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