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Most criminal and civil cases first enter the New South Wales court system via the local court. The New South Wales Department of Justice administers the NSW Local Court.

The local court has criminal and civil jurisdictions. It deals with:

  • the majority of criminal and summary prosecutions in New South Wales - it also conducts committal proceedings to determine whether or not indictable offences are to be committed to the district and supreme courts.
  • civil matters up to $100,000.
The local court also determines other applications such as apprehended violence orders and appeals relating to driver's licences.

The local court has limited jurisdiction under the Family Law Act 1975 to hear and determine family law matters. The local court can deal with applications such as property settlements and residence orders.

In some regional areas, the local court is also the Government Access Centre and provides services on behalf of other government agencies. Find out more in Regional services.

Magistrates can also exercise special jurisdiction to hear specific cases. Find out more in specialist jurisdictions.











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