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The Government Access Program is a state government initiative to provide access to services and information to people living in country towns. The program delivers services and information on behalf of a range of State government agencies using Government Access Centres (GACs).  

Some regional courthouses are also a GAC.

Government Access Centres

Government Access Centres (GACs) are located in a number of courts in rural and regional areas to provide services on behalf of:

  • NSW Maritime
  • NSW Fisheries
  • NSW Fair Trading
  • Housing NSW
  • Parks and Wildlife Group
  • Roads and Maritime Services of NSW
  • State Debt Recovery Office (payment of fines)

Ask at your court if these services are available.  

GACs are a 'one-stop shop' for government services for rural and remote communities. Your nearest GAC can:

  • undertake agreed transactions on behalf of various state government agencies
  • provide information on a range of government activities and services
  • organise referrals and appointment for visiting agency staff
  • help you get expert advice

Find out more in the directory of NSW government services.








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