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Bail is a signed agreement to attend court to answer a charge for one or more offences and can also include a requirement to comply with set conditions.

Bail conditions

The police or a court can set conditions as part of a bail agreement. Conditions can include another person, called a surety or acceptable person, agreeing to deposit or forfeit money as a guarantee for bail being complied with.

Conditions can also include requirements to:

  • regularly report to police
  • reside at a particular address
  • not associate with certain people

When the case is completed, the bail agreement ends and any money paid into court can be refunded.

Breaching bail

If the person on bail does not attend court as required or does not comply with any of the conditions of the bail, he or she can be arrested for breaching bail.

The court can order that any money agreed to be paid as part of the bail be forfeited.

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