Custodial Sentencing Options


People found guilty of serious offences may be sentenced to a period of imprisonment and held in an adult correctional centre. In the children's court, this is called a control order and the young person is held in a juvenile detention centre.

Intensive correction order

An Intensive Correction Order (ICO) is a term of imprisonment that is served in the community. Community safety is the court's paramount consideration when imposing an ICO.

Supervision is a mandatory condition, as well as at least one additional condition. The severity of an ICO can be strengthened by the layering of additional conditions such as home detention, electronic monitoring, curfews, community service work, alcohol and drug abstinence, place restrictions, programs and treatment.











Sentencing Reforms

Legislative changes occurred on 24 September 2018 that changed the community based sentencing options available. The changes are summarised as follows:

Intensive Correction Order (ICOs) replace home detention orders and suspended sentences.

Community Correction Orders (CCOs) replace community service orders and good behaviour bonds.

Conditional Release Orders (CROs) replace non-conviction bonds.

Existing Section 12 suspended sentences will remain valid until their expiry (unless revoked).


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