Non-custodial alternatives                 

These are some of the penalties or orders that a court can make that do not involve imprisonment.

Community Service Order
A community service order requires an offender to perform unpaid work in the community for a number of hours set by the court. Corrective Services NSW supervises community service orders.

Good Behaviour Bond
The court can make an order directing an offender to agree to be of 'good behaviour' for a set period of time. This is known as a good behaviour bond.

Sometimes the person also has to comply with conditions, such as getting drug or alcohol counselling. If the person complies with the bond, there is no further penalty at the end of the period. If the bond is breached, the person can be given an alternative sentence such as imprisonment.

Driving disqualification
In driving offences, a court can impose a driving disqualification period that prevents a person from driving for a period of time.

Fines or monetary orders
A fine or monetary order is a sum of money that has to be paid. Monetary orders include court costs, witness expenses, compensation and professional costs.

Apprehended Violence Orders
An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an order that prohibits certain behaviour for a period of time. Orders can include not to assault, harass or intimidate a protected person; not to contact a protected person, or not to attend premises where a protected person lives or works. Breaching an apprehended violence order can result in a person being arrested and charged with an offence.










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