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What information can court staff give? 

Court or tribunal staff can provide you with certain information relating to your matter, but they cannot give legal advice.

We can:                

  • explain and answer questions about how the particular court or tribunal works
  • give you general information about court or tribunal rules, procedures and practices  
  • give information about providers of free legal advice
  • provide or direct you to court lists
  • provide information about how to get a case listed
  • give you some information about your case file
  • give you the court, tribunal or registry forms that are available
  • answer questions about where to access court decisions
  We cannot:
  • give you legal advice - only a legal practitioner can give you legal advice
  • tell you whether or not you should bring your case to a court or tribunal
  • give you an opinion on what will happen if you bring your case to a court or tribunal
  • advise you on the division of a court or tribunal in which to commence an action
  • tell you what words to use in your court or tribunal papers
  • tell you what to say in a court or tribunal
  • talk to the judge, magistrate or commissioner on your behalf
  • let you talk to the judge, magistrate or commissioner outside of court
  • change an order signed by a judge, magistrate or commissioner






Legal questions? 

Find legal answers at the Legal Information Access Centre website.


The information on this site is a guide only and is not legal advice - see disclaimer.